Willow’s Reef Coral Feast

Willow’s Reef Coral Feast

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Willow’s Reef Coral Feast

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Product Description

Willow’s Reef Coral Feast

Willow’s Reef Coral Feast is a powdered food supplement, designed to entice a feeding response from filter-feeding Corals and invertebrates, and is formulated to promote and stimulate growth and colouration.

Coral Feast was formulated to help promote the best colour and growth of your corals.

It is made with 100% natural ingredients with no fillers.

Made In USA


Krill, Rotifers, Arctic Copepods, Brine shrimp, Apocylops Royi, Daphnia, Spirulina, Porphyra umbilicalis, Palmaria palmitate, Ulva Lactuca

Lab Analysis:

Crude Protein 55.3 %

Crude Lipid 12% min

Crude Fiber 8.28%

Ash 9.58%

Moisture 7.95 %

Crude Fat 15.5 %.

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