Boyu D-200 |DC Pump

Boyu D-200 |DC Pump

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The BOYU Air Diaphragm Pump
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Product Description

The BOYU Air Diaphragm Pump is battery-operated and can therefore be used flexibly.

Whether as emergency ventilation or for transport - the applications of the battery-operated BOYU Air Diaphragm Pump are versatile. The air pump is quiet, it delivers enough air and is very efficient due to its low power consumption.

Incl. the air stone and air hose!
In addition to the battery-operated Air Diaphragm Pump from BOYU, the scope of supply also includes an air bubble stone and a matching, transparent air hose.
The air-bubbling stone atomizes the air through its finely porous structure and ensures that the aquarium water is optimally saturated with oxygen.

To operate two size D mono batteries are required (not included).

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