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A Better Way to Feed Your LPS Corals

Product Description

A Better Way to Feed Your LPS Corals

EasyLPS micro-pellets from EasyReefs is specifically formulated to boost growth, enhance color and improve the general vitality of Large Polyp Stony (LPS) corals in reef aquariums. Single source ingredients means consistent batches of high-quality phytoplankton and zooplankton that fulfill the specific nutritional requirements of corals such as Acans, Favias, Scolymias and Chalices. 

The convenient cylinder shaped pellets measure under 1mm (800 microns) to ensure digestibility and meet the capture capacity of most LPS corals. Target feeding EasyLPS pellets directly into your coral's mouth, especially after witnessing a feeding response, will ensure minimal impact on your tank's nitrate and phosphate levels. Each power packed pellet delivers proteins, fatty acids rich in EPA, ARA and DHA, carbohydrates and important micro-nutrients without the risk of losing food to filtration. 
Available in two sizes, a 30 gram or the larger 70 gram container. Best of all it requires absolutely no refrigeration whatsoever and is completely natural and preservative free. 

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