About The Fish Keepers Sivakasi
Our efforts at The Fish Keepers Sivakasi are focused on providing high-value products and solutions as well as valuable information that makes reefing fun and easy. We are committed to helping fellow hobbyists achieve the best possible success with their own tanks. This is why we invest our time and effort into this by only stocking products and brands that we, as reefers, use and trust.

Who we are

We are a group of passionate, ambitious and fun-loving people who are committed not only to growth and success but having a really great time while we're at it. 

Where we came from

Based in Sivakasi, The Fish Keepers Sivakasi was started in 2016 by Rishikesh S, who was seeking a unique entrepreneurial opportunity. Rishikesh, a freshwater hobbyist, Started a freshwater aqua-scaping company and later dragged into Reefing community by a group of enthusiastic entrepreneurs, Dani and his team Through trial, Rishikesh created a well-balanced business structure both in live and dry goods.

Our core values


True recognition that the customer is the real reason we are all here. The ability to place the customer's needs above all else, especially when difficult.


Respectful to each other as well as open-minded about each other's differences.


Ability to show confidence in yourself and your work, yet humble when receiving accurate and healthy criticism. Humble enough to set aside personal desires and buy-in for the benefit of the team.

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